Cregan, Sharkie Furious As Federal Government Cuts Local Road Projects

November 16, 2023 4:54 pm in by
Minister Tom Koutsantonis with Member for Kavel Dan Cregan and DIT CEO Jon Whelan / Photo Credit: Image Supplied by Dan Cregan

The much-anticipated release of the Federal Government’s review into road infrastructure spending has seen local projects bear the brunt of cost cutting.

Five projects, including the $250m Hahndorf Township Improvements and the $200m Truro Bypass, will not continue as planned, following news yesterday that the Federal Government will change how they fund projects in the future.

The decision has prompted a wide range of backlash from regional councils and politicians.

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Independent Member for Mayo Rebehka Sharkie in a statement said the decision is a slap in the face to her community.

“This is an appalling decision that’s shows a complete lack of understanding and respect for my regional community,” Sharkie said.

“Regional communities have literally become the poor country cousins under this government.  I know my community isn’t the only regional community to lose funding.  The decision to move funding from our regional roads, where we have more accidents and fatalities, to city projects in labour seats is atrocious.”

Member for Kavel Dan Cregan echoed the sentiment.

“Frankly, the Hills has been let down,” Cregan said.

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“This is a shortsighted decision that robs the regions to fund cost blowouts with the North-South Corridor. I believe the Hills’ local projects were far better value than the North-South Corridor.”

Listen below to Dan Cregan’s interview with ARN‘s Chris Guscott on Around SA:


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