Experts Urge Vigilance For National Rail Safety Week

August 10, 2023 4:31 pm in by
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A back-to-basics approach is being used for National Rail Safety Week, as road safety organisations aim to reduce dangerous incidences around level crossings.

In the last five years, there have been 60 casualty crashes at train and tram level crossings resulting in a number of serious injuries and lives lost. 

The data also reveals that two lives were lost regionally after failing to check for oncoming trains at stop signs.

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RAA Safety and Infrastructure Senior Manager Charles Mountain is urging all road users to keep it simple when it comes to rail safety.  

“All road users have a responsibility to be patient around moving trains and trams, especially at crossings,” Mr Mountain said. 

“Road users also need to pay strong attention within regional areas where rail crossings may be more challenging.”

“Regional train lines can be infrequent, where you may have passed the crossing 50 times without seeing a train come past. Always stop and check no matter how many times you’ve crossed the railway before.” 

“Some railway lines are hard to see into the distance, so obeying signs is extremely important.”

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Listen to Charles’ interview with ARN‘s Chris Guscott on Around SA below.


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