Mid Murray Council Tackles $7.1M Deficit

August 3, 2023 10:50 am in by

The Mid Murray Mayor Simone Bailey has flagged her Council is having to undergo a major spending review and may have to forego the revitalisation of Mary Ann Reserve in Mannum in order to cut back on costs.

There is a projected $7.1 million deficit in the Council’s newly adopted 2023/24 Annual Business Plan and Budget, following a decade of debt, made worse by the recent Murray River flood crisis.

While the State and Federal Governments have helped with some flood costs, including 50 / 50 cost subsidies and road rebuilds, Mayor Simone Bailey said her district is undergoing a sustainability review, while appealing for more support.

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“We’re looking at every dollar we spend to see, ‘is that something the ratepayer wants?’ if its not, should we be spending it, how can we get some more income, we’re lobbying Government for a more fair share of funding,” Simone Bailey said this morning to ARN’s Jennie Lenman and Adam Connelly.

“We’re predicting another five years of deficit so we really have to be responsible and when we’re looking at this 50/50, can we afford to do Mary Ann Reserve up? Probably Not. It’s sitting there looking like a mud pit,” Mayor Bailey said.

Council has also decided to revise the projected rate rise of 10.2 per cent to 7.57 per cent, on average, over the next two years, following community consultation on the draft budget.

As there has been concern from many community members on recent valuations affecting rates. For those who disagree with recent property valuations, Mayor Bailey suggests objecting in writing to the Office of the Valuer General within 60 days of receiving a rate’s notice. For more information go to

For more information on the 2023/24 Annual Business Plan and Budget and the Long Term Financial Plan
2023/24 – 2032/33, visit

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Hear more from this morning’s interview with Mayor Bailey via the audio play window below:


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