New Hippos at Monarto Safari Park

December 12, 2023 11:04 am in by
Pansy and Brindabella - Credit: Werribee Open Range Zoo

A new vulnerable species has been welcomed at Monarto Safari Park.

Two Nile Hippopotamuses, Brindabella and Pansy, have had a safe eight hour road trip from Werribee Open Range Zoo to live in a brand new habitat at the Zoos SA facility.

Director of Monarto Safari Park, Peter Clark, who led the design of the habitat, said the new space is one of the biggest in Australia and is specially designed to meet the hippos’ needs.

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“The huge central waterhole in their habitat features gradual slopes and a variety of depths which should be perfect for the hippos,” Peter Clark said.

They also have a beach to soak up sun, and access to pools in their off-habitat areas for cooler evenings.

Hippos have been part of Zoos SA’s history for 120 years, with many people in the community holding fond memories of Brutus and Susie who called Adelaide Zoo home for more than 45 years.

Their legacy continues as Brindabella and Pansy are the granddaughter and great granddaughter of the pair.

As the hippos are in quarantine, Monarto Safari Park is working on new experiences for visitors at the waterhole, within the park’s new Wild Africa precinct.

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Zoos SA is working closely with the accommodation developers as construction continues of the Resort Hotel, which overlooks the hippo habitat. The hotel is set to open in the second quarter of 2024, .


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