Victor Harbor Bushfire Preparation Underway

October 5, 2023 10:26 am in by
Photo: Erik Mclean, via Pexels

The City of Victor Harbor is looking to issue notices to landholders who fail to clean-up ahead of bushfire season.

The Fire Prevention Team has begun inspecting a number of township properties and rural allotments to assess for risks ahead of the predicted hot and dry Summer.

Under the Fire and Emergency Services Act, landowners are responsible for reducing hazards and working to prevent the outbreak of fire or the spread of fire through the land.

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A Hazard Reduction Notice (Section 105F Notice) may be issued if a landowner fails to reduce the fire hazard or to protect a property from fire, or prevent/ inhibit the outbreak of fire or the spread of fire through the land.

City of Victor Harbor Mayor, Dr Moira Jenkins, said fire prevention requires a whole-of-community approach.

“This year, I’m calling on the Victor Harbor community to work together and reduce fire danger risks,” said Mayor Jenkins.

Tips for helping to protect your property and the wider community:

  • Reduce all grass, weed plants and undergrowth to a maximum height of 10cm
  • Prune low tree branches from ground level up to two metres in height
  • Cut back overhanging trees and remove leaves and other debris from gutters
  • Remove bark, mulch, woodpiles and other flammable materials away from structures
  • Ensure your property allows clear and unimpeded access for fire fighting vehicles.
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Rural and large blocks also need to establish a fire break at least five metres wide as near as practicable to the boundary and within 20 metres of any dwelling (greater if on a slope) and within five metres of any sheds and garages.

City of Victor Harbor Chief Executive Officer, Victoria MacKirdy, said her team has been preparing for the Fire Danger Season for several months.

“We’ve known for some time that this summer is forecast to be hot and dry, and we’ve been preparing accordingly. Council undertakes a slashing program that considers fire risk, seasonality and vegetation type,” said Victoria MacKirdy.

“Slashing is carried out regularly for all Council-owned reserves and roadside vegetation. All sites are monitored so slashing and maintenance can be undertaken as required.”

If you have questions about fire prevention responsibilities, contact Victor Harbor Council’s Fire Prevention Team on 8551 0500, or if you are in another district, contact your local council.

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For more information about how to prepare ahead of Fire Danger Season, visit


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