Call for Review of Firewood Collection Laws

April 19, 2024 10:52 am in by
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Member for Mayo Rebekha Sharkie says it is unfair that South Australia is the only jurisdiction in the country where citizens cannot apply for permits to collect wood for their own use.

With a cost of living crisis, and the price of wood skyrocketing to around $600 per tonne, the Federal Independent MP is appealing to her State counter-parts to change the firewood legislation that currently bans South Australians from collecting wood from public areas, and penalises them if they do so.

“Every other state, WA through to New South Wales, down to Tassie, provides through their forestry department a permit where people can go and collect a certain amount of wood through a certain period of time,” Rebekha Sharkie said in an ARN radio interview today with Jennie Lenman and Adam Connelly.

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“If you’re from Victoria it’s $8 per tonne for the permit if you’re a pensioner, you can actually collect up to 16 cubic metres per year for personal use, $30 if you’re not a pensioner, and similar prices in other states.”

Hear Rebekha Sharkie MP speaking with ARN’s Adam Connelly and Jennie Lenman via the audio play window below:


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